Executive Presence – Your Polished Leadership Brand.

What is executive presence? And why do some people seem to have it when others don’t? Executive presence is more than commanding the room, wearing the right suit or giving a great presentation. The question is, what is it and how can you achieve it?

Think back to a time at the office or during a meeting when someone seems to attract and engage everyone around them. It is usually someone who commands our attention and leaves us to think, I want to learn more!

Executive presence is the ability of the leader to engage, align, inspire, and move people to act.

This broad definition is game-changing. It explains why it matters – and why you should care. Let’s look at the qualities that tell us what defines executive presence.

Qualities of Executive Presence.

Character: Authenticity, Integrity, Humility
Substance: Confidence, Composure, Vision
Style: Appearance, Interactivity, Assertiveness

Character qualities such as authenticity and humility build trust. Substance qualities such as confidence and vision will win you credibility. Style qualities like appearance and assertiveness help you influence others to get things done!

Can You Develop a Stronger, More Powerful Executive Presence?

Yes, you can! It begins by always being polished, poised and prepared. Someone with good executive presence never lets you see them sweat! They are calm and composed and have excellent body language. People with executive presence stand or sit tall, and look engaged with a slight lean forward and take up space by putting their arms on the table. They never cross their arms. They keep their body posture open and inviting. They also “speak up” and talk in a voice that is loud enough for people to hear and use grammar that states they will get the job done. They are always clear and concise when it comes to speaking and sharing their message. Finally, a leader with good executive presence knows how to treat others with praise and respect. They know how to make someone in the boardroom feel as though they are the only one there. They are great listeners. When it comes to executive presence, remember, actions speak louder than words.

Seek to Know Yourself – and the Way Others Perceive You as a Leader

Your executive presence is your brand, in a way–how others think about you when you’re not around. What would people say?

  • Are you someone who is decisive when making the tough calls? That’s Confidence.
  • Are you someone who and cares about others and helps them succeed? That’s Concern.
  • Are you cool in a crisis? That’s a part of Composure.
  • Do you ask questions that get to the heart of the matter? That’s Assertiveness.

Start by asking others what they think of your strengths and weaknesses.

Hiring Treva as your Executive Coach will help you learn to leverage your strengths and also enhance underdeveloped aspects of your presence. This one-on-one coaching can take place at her office or at your workplace. Treva’s Executive Coaching program is excellent for those in business, sales, healthcare or leadership positions as you prepare for your next promotion or for a transition into another career. It begins with an initial consultation to understand the focus of your goals. The length of Executive Coaching is designed specifically on a client-by-client basis. Follow-up coaching is also included after completion of the program so that you maintain your newly learned communication skills.

Organizations invest in developing skilled, competent leaders who have the attitude and motivation. The best leaders Treva knows are lifelong learners. They know they can be better. They invest time and energy in becoming all they can be.

Are you ready to do the necessary work to achieve your career goals? It’s time to INVEST in YOU. You will be amazed at the results we can achieve together!

Call Treva today to set up your initial appointment and be on your way to maximizing your executive presence.

“In the business world, your character, your communication skills and your appearance matter in determining your executive presence. If you demonstrate confidence, poise and authenticity you will convince me that you are the real deal.” – Sylvia Ann Hewlett

“The University of South Dakota-Sanford School of Medicine Graduate Women in Medicine and Science group sends you heartfelt thanks for the outstanding presentation you gave at our annual GWIMS Etiquette Event. Your expertise has helped our members realize the importance of a professional persona that incorporates interviewing skills, appropriate wardrobe choices and even table etiquette. There is truth in the saying ‘you never get a chance to make a first impression’ and you have helped us tremendously to ensure we make a positive impression, from first to last. Her clients have included healthcare professionals, business executives and men and women looking to update their image.”

Sarah A. Jones Sapienza, MD, FACS, FAAP
Assistant Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics | USD-Sanford School of Medicine | Sanford Children’s Hospital