Fall 2015 Accessories “Must Haves for your Closet”

Fall is officially here and what better way to get ready for it is with some “must haves” that will update your wardrobe.  Here are 6 accessories that are on-trend for fall!

Berets –  whether structured or floppy are fun to wear and will also keep your head warm!

Brooches – I just love brooches and when I was younger, I would raid my grandmother’s jewelry box and wear them with scarves or pin it to a sweater.  Vintage and consignments stores are great places to look for something beautiful to add to your outfit whether you wear it to work, to church or just for fun.  They also make interesting conversation pieces as well:)

Fur collars – these seem to come and go as trends do and this year, they were all over the runways.  Real or faux, it doesn’t matter, they will take an outfit from “just ordinary” to warm and cozy.

Velvet shoes – since I live in the Midwest, wearing velvet shoes or boots might get a little tricky considering the amount of ice and snow we get around here, but if the sidewalks are dry, go for it.  Velvet shoes or boots would look great with an on-trend brocade jacket.

Oversized bags- all of the top designers have introduced all kinds of oversized bags such as buckets, duffels and totes.  These bags work out well for the woman on the go or even for a long weekend.

Single earrings or ear-cuffs – this look has been around for the last couple of years and it appears as if it is here to stay.  This fall, I have seen more single earrings and looks great with your hair pulled to one side to showcase it.

By just adding one or any of these accessories to your wardrobe this fall will give it a more “updated” look!  Step outside of the box and give it a try!

If you need any help with updating or styling your closet, I am just a phone call away!

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