How Can a Bridal Stylist Help You?

I am sure many of you have heard of the term “stylist” or “personal stylist,” right?  Well, we tend to think of celebrities having their stylist dress them for17788_471716712975638_3750951101546282081_n[1] events and photo opportunities.  Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon both rely on stylists to keep them looking on-trend and fashionable in front of the camera.  When I started my personal styling business a year ago this month, I had no idea how many brides needed help in choosing their gowns and accessories for their weddings.  My mother was a bridal stylist for several years so I am very familiar with this industry.  Needless to say, bridal styling has become a big part of my business!  This is a job that combines beauty, romance, love fashion, and makeup.  It is the bridal stylist’s job to make the brides’ dream of her wedding day come true!  However, I have learned that many brides are wearing the wrong gown on their wedding day.  Choosing a gown to flatter their silhouette and body shape is mandatory for a bride to look her absolute best on the biggest day of her life.  By doing so, she can learn how to hide any figure flaws that she may have.  Too often brides shop without expert help and make choices based on pretty dresses they see in magazines, on mannequins or in person at the bridal shop.  No thought is given to whether the chosen dress is really appropriate for her body shape, personal coloring or personality.  Some brides even look cookie-cutter and lack any individual sense of style. Here are the top 1o reasons why a bride should hire a bridal stylist:

1. A bridal stylist is an expert in image consulting and appearance management and can save the bride time and money.

2. A bridal stylist specializes in helping the bride look her personal best.

3. A bridal stylist will tell you the honest truth and give advice as to what looks best on her and her wedding party.

4. A bridal stylist has strategic partners she works with and can save the bride money.

5. Is an expert at choosing wedding dresses to make the bride look WOW for her grand entrance.

6. Is skilled at working with wedding photographers to style the bride for photo shoots and portraits.

7. Speeds the process for bridesmaid dress selection.

8. Diffuses conflicts when decisions can’t be made.

9. Creates coherent colors, themes and styling options for each and every wedding party member.

10. Teaches the bride style, image and wardrobe skills that will last her a lifetime!

Brides have said that working with me, has taken the pressure off of them about making some difficult decisions and made their entire wedding styling experience less stressful. If you or someone you know is getting married soon, I would love to help!  Happy styling! 🙂

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