What’s Hot Now? The Cutaway Swimsuit!

If you haven’t picked out your swimsuit yet for summer, you might want to consider the “hot” swimsuit of the moment being seen all over the country at pools and beaches!  It’s the “cutaway” swimsuit!  Thanks to the athleisure trend, the freshest shape right now is the more substantial cutaway.  Not only does the silhouette flaunt sun-kissed shoulders with its carved-out sections, but it also supports and flatters busts of all sizes.  Some bikini cutaways have high necks and serves as an easy cover-up for your décolletage and built in pop out protection too….so key for an active woman:)  It’s functional, but one-piece-swimsuits-with-side-panel-and-cutaways[1]sexy! So, how do you choose the right cutaway?  When women shop for swimwear, I know it’s not always their most favorite thing, especially if they’re not too keen on parts of their body. However, it can be fun, and rather than choosing just a plain, simple, black swimming suit why not choose one with cutaway parts? When considering which cutaway swimwear is best for you, you need to think about your body shape. If you’re really keen on your stomach, then you can pick a swimsuit with cutaway parts on the stomach.   If you aren’t too keen on your stomach but you like your hips, choose one that completely covers the middle section. However, bear in mind, in strapless cutaway swimsuits – you must be comfortable wearing them. You don’t want to be going down a water slide or something and have a situation occur, so make sure you feel comfortable and it fits you correctly. If you’re very daring, you can go for a different shape or type of cutaway swimwear. Just article-2589917-1C934A3400000578-324_634x458[1]make sure you feel comfortable in your cutaway swimwear. You can hide places that you don’t like and show off places that you do like. Pick your favorite color and even go for embellishments of various styles. There’s so much to choose from and they are lots of fun 🙂  Happy shopping!4075d33a8b[1]

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